Political Professor: European possibilities to have a strong oppositional answer to U.S is limited

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“United States of America has today a difficult position in the world; Because of its unpredictable President and administration that relations have been many multilateral rules of international fragilized,” political science professor at Tampere University Tuomo Melasuo said.

He said in an exclusive interview to ILNA news agency that this means that the US is losing its international importance because many main players can no more trust on her.

Answering to question about possibility outcome of Iran-U.S. negotiations, he said “Might the negotiating with Trump has a result or not is minor question because we cannot trust that he and his administration will respect it or anything else.”

“The European possibilities to have a strong oppositional answer to U.S actions is limited, because our governments are rather weak and prefer to have a common answer within EU without too much offending the trump regime.” “Still personally, I am happy that Europe is showing an oppositional line to Trump administration, this has a symbolic meaning.”

He refers to the European payment channel INSTEX and adding, “We do not know yet what will be the concrete impact of the INSTEX in order to bypass an important part of the U.S sanctions.”

“There are main problems on three different levels. First, U.S cannot live with international multilateral treaties and organizations such as the Paris Treaty on Climate, the International Criminal Court - ICC, or the European Union – EU,” U.S political Professor said.

“Secondly, it uses different pretexts for confronting other important state actors such China, EU and Russia. In this situation, the solution lies in different efforts to reduce those tensions, if you cannot simply get rid of them.”

The political analyst added that they invited Iran to respect the 2015 accords and remain within the framework of those accords, JCPOA, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Iran has also remain modest and reasonable, the increase of enrichment from 3,67 to 4,50%, and the increase of 300 kg storage by 2 kg are more symbolic than anything else.

These are political signs and messages towards international community, to neighbouring countries and also to Iranian citizens trying to tell these stockholders that Iran is not happy with the return of the sanctions and that it has the capacity to react.

“First time since eternity, the European democratic countries tried to allied themselves with Iran in order to resist the Trump administration. This is something important, even historical, and might in a long run re-enforce the 2015 accord and produce ways to commerce with Iran,” Tuomo Melasuo said

For Europe, all this shows that we need to strengthen our foreign policy independence and create our capacities to apply it. The still modest INSTEX might be the beginning of the more autonomous Europe in international economy and politics.

Political analyst added “In the world, the U.S is the only country, which has used nuclear weapons and we do not have any guarantee that it does not do it again.”