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Iranian diplomatic mission to the United Nations in a statement slammed the longstanding 'addiction' of the US representative to promote Iranophobia.

'Iranophobia is the longstanding addiction of the US representative, and whitewashing the Israeli regime’s crimes against the Palestinians and the unconditional support of the US for such crimes is her main mission,' the statement released on Monday read.

'Today, once again, the US representative has abused the Middle East related agenda of the UN Security Council to baselessly accuse Iran through means of disinformation and fabrication, ' the statement added.

'The US representative, based on the fabricated and misleading information received from the Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization (MKO) – a known terrorist organization responsible for killing 17,000 Iranians and many Iraqis, which has been delisted by America thereby allowing its soil to be their safe haven – unfoundedly accused Iran of committing terrorist acts.'

'The US representative also referred to what she called “an Iranian-backed attack on the US consulate in [Iraq's southern city of] Basra”; again, a baseless accusation.'

'However, despite her repeated attempts in spreading such fabrications, she has already failed in deceiving the audience of such reports and in accomplishing such missions.'


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