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Germany's Foreign Minister on Friday urged Iran to remain committed to the nuclear deal struck with members of the international community, insisting that it would reap benefits despite the fact that one of the most powerful backers, the US, pulled out and was pursuing sanctions on Tehran.

Heiko Maas gave brief remarks to reporters in Vienna before a ministerial-level meeting with representatives of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal's signatory nations: France, Germany, Russia, China and the United Kingdom, Efe news reported.

"We want to make it clear that Iran will continue to see economic benefits from the deal," he said, adding that Europe would strive to create the right trading conditions so that Tehran could find no pretext to abandon the pact.

He warned, however, that economic sanctions levelled by Washington would impact Iran's already-fragile economy, but maintained that the West Asian nation would nonetheless be better off inside the deal.

US President Donald Trump, an outspoken opponent of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action -- which was signed by his predecessor Barack Obama -- withdrew his support from the accord in May and soon after began wielding economic sanctions against Tehran, which he has accused of sponsoring terrorism in the region.

Tehran said it would only remain in the framework if the lasting members show commitment to its stipulations, which saw Iran's regime trade in most of its nuclear programme for the partial lifting of the international economic blockade.


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