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Americans seeking to have Iran destroyed: Raisi

Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi has slammed the United States for its offering of support to riots in Iran, saying people in the country were vigilant enough to prevent the Americans from carrying out their plots.

Americans seeking to have Iran destroyed: Raisi

Americans are after destruction in Iran and wish to have Iran destroyed instead of allowing the formation of a strong Iran, Raisi said in his Wednesday address to hundreds of students gathering at the University of Tehran to mark Iran’s University Student Day.

The Iranian president said that Washington was wrong in his calculations about the unrest in Iran, adding that the “educated Iranians” did not allow them to turn Iran into a new Syria or Afghanistan.

Raisi rejected claims that the riots in Iran are a product of the country’s economic situation, adding that people refused to support the rioters after they became aware of the real intentions behind the unrest.

He said the government will continue to listen to the grievances of protesters, including students, adding that he has been engaged in constant dialogue with students and the elites of the country since taking office in August 2021.

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