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An expert on Afghanistan issues has said that the Taliban failed to fulfill its commitments during the first year of governing.

A brief look at the performance of the Taliban shows that despite the promises made to the people of Afghanistan in the first days of the conquest of Kabul, this group has almost no commitment to fulfill those commitments, Mohammad Reza Asgari said in an exclusive interview with ILNA.

“For almost a year in Afghanistan, a kind of ethnocentrism based on a specific idea and ultimately limited policies have been on their agenda in different parts of the political, social, and cultural fields,” he added.

One of the main promises of the Taliban in the field of governance was to increase security, which unfortunately has failed in this field and other promises have also been neglected, he added.

He also pointed out that on the first anniversary of the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, we are not only witnessing any progress in various political, economic, and social security indicators, but we are also seeing a lot of regressions compared to before.

Iran is the only neighboring country that during the last year has provided the most assistance in various political, economic, and humanitarian sectors to Afghanistan because Iran believes that any instability in neighboring countries like Afghanistan can cause insecurity in other countries in the region.

Asked about the solution to the creation of bilateral ties between Iran and Afghanistan, the expert said that unfortunately, the Taliban government had unconventional perceptions of Iran’s humanitarian approach toward this group and the Afghan society, and by abusing the fraternal policy of Iran, it, unfortunately, did not fulfill its expected obligations.

It seems that Iran should deal more decisively with the Taliban government in demanding its rights regarding bilateral agreements between Iran and Afghanistan, he said, adding that any appeasement can lead to more abuses of relations between Iran and Afghanistan by the Taliban.

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