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Foreign Ministry in a statement stressed that Iran is still ready to negotiate bilaterally with any of the countries involved in the Ukrainian plane crash in good faith and by respecting their sovereignty and domestic laws and international obligations of governments.

Following the accident, the relevant bodies in Iran announced the main cause of the accident and carried out their duties with accuracy and transparency based on the domestic laws and international obligations, the statement reads.

Accordingly, in the field of aviation, the independent technical team responsible for investigation in the framework of the International Civil Aviation Convention (Chicago Convention 1944) and its annexes released the technical report publicly in cooperation with the relevant countries and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).

Foreign Ministry added that various hearings have been held in the presence of the victims' families.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has conducted a criminal and judicial process based on certain legal principles, including the principle of territorial jurisdiction of the accident site and the nationality of the accused, and in compliance with the relevant regulations.

On January 5, 2021, the cabinet ministers in an approval, set reparations for the families of all victims (without any discrimination, such as their nationality).

Elaborating on the diplomatic dimension of the accident, Foreign Ministry stated that Iran has participated in three rounds of bilateral talks with the Ukrainian government in Kiev and Tehran by welcoming the bilateral talks with the relevant countries and expressing goodwill and providing the necessary explanations about the various military, criminal, technical and legal aspects of the accident.

Despite the illegal actions taken by some specific countries that are trying to misuse this painful event and the suffering of the survivors for their own political purposes, Iran is ready to negotiate bilaterally with each of the relevant countries by respecting the sovereignty of countries and domestic law, and the international obligations of governments.


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