Iran and Cuba have a long way to go in developing trade relations: official

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The head of the Iranian Chamber of Commerce, Samad Hassanzadeh, said that Cuba and Iran have a long way to go in the development of trade relations, and the authorities of the two countries should emphasize their commitment to economic cooperation.

"The relations between Iran and Cuba have always been friendly and mutually respectful, and the two countries are political partners of each other, and the history of friendship between the two nations has been at an excellent level," Hassanzadeh added.

he said that "However, this good political relationship has not had a concrete and favorable reflection in the economic relations of the two countries."

"The volume of trade between Iran and Cuba has increased steadily in recent years, and in 2022 the trade between the two countries will be more than 243 million dollars, while this figure was 210 million dollars in 2020," he added.