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Iran’s intelligence minister Esmail Khatib says despite pressure by the United States and its allies Tehran currently has fewer problems in selling oil.

Iran’s oil exports have increased in the past one year compared with 2019-2020, according to business intelligence groups, but is still well below 2 million bpd exported before US sanctions were imposed in 2018.

Khatib also said that Iran’s accesses to its foreign currency reserves have also increased.

IRNA also said that in the first six months of last Iranian year economic growth was 1.8 percent and because of more oil sales it reached 3.3 percent since March 21, when the new calendar year started.

According to reports, the fact that Iran is selling more oil in 2021 has been reported by international oil trade and shipping monitoring firms, such as Kpler, that has said Iran this year is selling twice as much oil as in 2020.


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