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Ab Sanat Company, the best producer of composite manhole in Iran

Today, Ab Sanat Co. is one of the pioneer products related to water, sewage, oil, gas and petrochemicals in Iran.

Ab Sanat Company, the best producer of composite manhole in Iran

Today, Ab Sanat Co. is one of the pioneer products related to water, sewage, oil, gas and petrochemicals in Iran. Ab Sanat Company started its work in 1991 and quickly became one of the important manufacturers in the field of Composite Telecommunications Chambers, Telecom Access Manhole Chamber and Composite Modular Chamber Systems. Gradually, Ab Sanat increased the number of its products and now it can offer a wide variety of products and services to Iranians.

When I started to look for companies that have a composite manhole in Iran, it wasn’t hard to find Ab Sanat, because it has so many good reviews on so many web sites. I didn’t really know any concrete plans for choosing which company to buy products that I needed, so now that I know Ab Sanaat I can tell you all about them. I invite you to stay with me all the way down to introduce this company to you.

Ab Sanat’s most important products

When looking for products like Composite Modular Chamber Systems you may first think that there are hundreds of good manufacturers in Iran, I decided that I needed some filters to achieve my goal, so I started to look into my choices.

 After three weeks of looking for the best producer, I met my brother’s friend that he worked for Ab Sanat, yes I was lucky and he told me all about this company and I realized that I could go to the company's headquarters and see everything up close, I did that and I was amazed.


Composite Telecommunications Chambers:

Ab Sanat’s Composite Telecommunications Chambers are non-metallic, non-conductive and non-sparking. It has no value of recycling, thus completely solving the problems caused by theft. Range of UV stable colours available that will not flake or crack. The minimum lifespan of 30 maintenance-free years that even though it was the first time I spend in Ab Sanat I was really surprised about so much good quality products such as Composite Telecommunications Chambers. This product for those who actually decide to look for Chamber and buy is an excellent choice because of its Lightness and Ease of installing, it is very resistant to impact and Composite Telecommunications Chambers will available with metal detectors.


Telecom Access Manhole Chamber:

If you like to buy or know more about high-quality products of Inspection Chamber Cover or Manhole Chambers, Ab Sanat has perfect after-sales service and technical support which are free.

One of another advantage of Telecom Access Manhole Chamber is the free transferring of the signal inside of the chamber without opening the lid. When I see amazing products and good people it was more about the chance to broaden my horizons and consider my future vendor company and I must say they won.


How you can buy Ab Sanat products?

On the whole, familiarity with the products of this company was life changing experience and opportunity that I’m happy to say I made the most of, but you do not need to visit this company or their factory in person they have a vibrant website:

Also, you can call +982122553955, they will answer all your questions with good behaviour.

Ab Sanat Company was able to meet the needs of most neighbouring countries, including Afghanistan, Qatar, Oman, Iraq and Central Asian countries in the field of supplying various types of Composite Telecom Pit with international companies and Have contractors from South Korea and some Chinese companies.



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