NATO facing deep challenges: expert

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Morteza Makki, an expert on Europe, has said that NATO is facing deep challenges 75 years after its establishment.

“The crisis in Ukraine could not turn the situation in favor of NATO and secure the interests of the West as it should. Europe thought that by relying on soft power and political and economic influence in Moscow, it could restrain Russia within Russia's borders, but this did not happen,” Makki said in an exclusive interview with ILNA.

He added, “In its 75th year, NATO is facing the most serious and biggest challenges, which are generally of a security nature in the global scope.”

The expert noted, “In the United States, sending aid to Ukraine has faced challenges, and in Europe, the exact same issue is at stake, and for this reason, some NATO members are looking to review their strategies for the war in Ukraine.”

He said, “I think it is quite true to say that NATO and Russia have returned to the Cold War era. In any case, the challenges of NATO are greater than in the past and the situation of the war in Ukraine will become more critical.”