Taliban will finally solve the issue of women in Afghanistan: Expert

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​An expert on Afghanistan has said that the new generation of Taliban is trying to solve the issue of women.

Regarding the non-attendance of the Taliban in the Doha meeting, Pir Mohammad Molazehi told ILNA that the Taliban faced two major problems in participating in the Doha Summit, the first was the issue of human rights and women's issues, and the second was the presence of Afghan political groups and movements in this international event.

Note that the Taliban is currently moving towards censoring women and this indicates some disagreements at different levels of power in the Taliban, the expert noted.

In my opinion, the new generation of Taliban is trying to solve the issue of women, he said, adding that it seems that the issue of women and their education and employment in Afghanistan will finally be resolved by the Taliban because an agreement will be reached between the radical movement and the new generation.

Commenting on the recognition of the Taliban, the expert outlined that “this movement thinks that the world will recognize them with the same process and current situation.”