US, UK launch new joint attacks on Yemen

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​The Yemeni media have reported yet another joint attack by American and British warplanes on the Arab country.

A reporter working for the Al-Mayadeen TV network said that the Al-Jabaneh area of Hudaydah city was the target of aerial strikes in the early hours of Wednesday.

Separately, the Masirah network reported that the Al-Araj area in the northwest of the same city in western Yemen was hit twice overnight.

There were immediately no reports of possible casualties and damage from these attacks.

The United States and Britain have carried out a number of joint strikes on Yemen under the pretext of protecting maritime trade in the Red Sea.

But Yemenis say the US-UK aggression is part of their efforts to protect Israeli interests as Yemen keeps blocking Israeli-linked or bound ships from sailing through the Red Sea over the regime’s genocide in Gaza.

Meanwhile, the Pentagon confirmed that the US military carried out 32 attacks on Yemen using warplanes and missiles until Tuesday.

The Deputy Spokesman of the US Department of Defense also acknowledged that the Yemeni army had shot down an MQ-9 Reaper drone near Yemen.

Earlier, the Yemen military claimed to have downed a attack drone, which it said “was carrying out hostile missions against the country on behalf of the Zionist entity”.