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An expert on the region has said that the Lebanese are trying to secure their national interests in negotiations with Israel, but the United States is trying to intervene in this case and direct the negotiations in Israel's favor.

There are two main reasons why Israel is seeking to encroach on Lebanon's energy resources in the current context, Reza Sadrolhoseini told ILNA.

“The first is the issue of its own energy supply and the second is the export of oil and gas to Europe, which is rooted in the Ukraine crisis,” he added.

Accordingly, the situation between Lebanon and Israel is not very good, but the Lebanese still left the channel of negotiations with Tel Aviv open, he said.

He also said that the United States is somehow trying to intervene in this case and it seems that it will orient itself in the negotiations in favor of Israel.

“Israel seeks to exports energy to Europe and intends to exploit the “Karish gas and oil field" to its advantage and export Lebanese oil and gas to Europe,” he noted.

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