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The Chairman of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce confirmed that the outbreak of Coronavirus in China will have no effect on the trade relations between Tehran and Beijing.

Speaking to ILNA news agency, Majid Reza Hariri said “More than half of the trade with China has shut down and some factories are expected to resume operations in the coming days.”

“Most of Iran's exports to China are raw materials; so far there has been no indication of trade between the two countries.

Referring to some new problems for ordering merchandise especially in IT sections, he said “The spread of Coronavirus coincided with Chinese New Year and has nothing to do with Coronavirus."

The Chairman of Iran-China Joint Chamber of Commerce pointed to news about export of protective face masks and added "I don't think we have exported masks to China and Iranian government has banned export of face masks for short time.

The death toll from China's new coronavirus epidemic jumped to 1,770 after 105 more people died, the National Health Commission said Monday.

More than 70,500 have now been infected nationwide by the virus, which first emerged in December in central Hubei province before spreading across the country.


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