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17 countries inquiring to invest in Chabahar Port; Iran official

Iran's Deputy Industry Minister Hossein Modares Khiabani said 17 countries announced readiness to invest in Chabahar port.

17 countries inquiring to invest in Chabahar Port; Iran official

In an exclusive interview with ILNA news agency, he added “The conference was held to introduce investment opportunities with the participation of 17 countries and some agreements were also reached and other countries are interested in investment in Chabahar Port.

“We are looking to draw attention to this port and introduce its capabilities so we defined 10 strategic plans for this port.”

Up o now, 550,000 tons of cargo have been unloaded and the private sector announcing that it will transfer part of its imports and exports to Chabahar port, adding that this port has the potential to become a major trading hub in Iran.

"Plans are underway to divert ships carrying essential goods to Chabahar to give impetus to operations in the strategic port," he said.

Chabahar Port as a gateway to trade with IORA, CIS, Afghanistan and Central Asia, and due to its proximity to the Oman and Indian Ocean ports is the best transit route for regional countries in terms of sea, land and security trade.

Last year, 150 domestic and international delegations visited the port of Chabahar, which resulted in the submission of 65 investment applications, from which 17 cases reached the final stages of contract.


Chabahar port interested in investment
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