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The Most Delicious Persian Foods in any City of Iran

Iran means a fatty Dande Kabab (Persian grilled limb ribs), delicate saffron, stews that dried lemon makes them delicious and soft sweets full of cream with the scent of rose water! Iran is a country that if you choose it to travel, they will treat you as a king. Many of Iran's historical monuments have been recorded as World Heritage sites, in addition, to having the most beautiful architecture of the Muslim world and fantastic landscapes. This country is the home of the most delicious food in the world. This paper will introduce you the best Persian foods.

The Most Delicious Persian Foods in any City of Iran

If you have traveled to Tehran, try Chelo Kabab (Persian grilled meat with saffron rice)

Kabab is a piece of mutton or chicken that has been roasted on charcoal and the butter has been placed on a rice dish. This food is one of the most important Persian meals. Next to that is grilled tomatoes, yogurt, green herbs, and crispy cucumber pickles. A Chelo kabab restaurant is found on all the streets of Iran. If you like to eat in a luxury restaurant, Shandiz Restaurant in Tehran is a good place for you. Chenjeh kebab(Grilled marinated beef/lamb barbeque) with sumac creates an extraordinary mix.

Travel to past with the Ashe reshteh (Persian noodle broth) of Isfahan

Ash (broth) has always been in the Iranian food program, to the extent that the person who cooks the food is called Ashpaz in Iran. Ash reshteh is a delicious food that is served with legumes, fresh herbs and noodles and is usually served with whey. The best place to enjoy the Ash is at the Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan. Where beautiful trees and beautiful waterfalls have been surrounded you. This 300-year-old hotel has been known as the oldest hotel in the world.

If you travel to Mashhad, eat Dizi (Traditional Persian gravy)

This traditional food is made with beef, peas, and potatoes, and all the ingredients are put up in a container of clay for several hours on the fire and the meat is cooked so much that you can squeeze it with a fork. This food is special for Mashhad, the city of Imam Reza, is the eighth Imam of the Shiites. All the restaurants and small cafes serve Dizi for lunch or dinner and take Lavash bread on the table. The bread is then divided into small pieces on the table and poured into the clay pot to absorb the washy portion of the meat water.

You can click on the link below to learn how to cook Abgoosht or dizi.

Abgoosht Recipe

Stop to buy Kashan Rosewater

Roses are one of the indigenous Persian plants. From 2500 years ago, Iranians used rose petals to produce rose water. Every year, Rose Festival is held in Kashan and you can see all the stages of preparing the rosewater. From flower harvest to petals separation! Throughout the festival, the whole city has a smell of flowers, and nothing is better than eating a cool Faloodeh(Persian rose water ice) bowl in this colorful space.

Enjoy the greenery of Talesh

The forests and fields of rice in Talesh, along with the Caspian Sea, are one of the most beautiful natural places in Iran in the spring and summer, and the Iranians travel to this area for climbing and spending hours in nature. Torshe Tare (Traditional food) is one of the foods of this region, which is made with herbs. A few kilos of spinach, celery, parsley, coriander are used to prepare this food. Next to each meal, they prepare some kind of appetizer with herbs. Herbs cooked are tasted with fresh lemon juice and in the end, a few eggs are placed next to vegetables.

If you love sweets, you can travel to Yazd

Mysterious city of Yazd is one of the historic brick cities that is located in the plateau between the largest deserts in Iran and is known for windbreaks, ancient Zoroastrian temples, and its small sweets. All of the confectionery in the city sells sweets such as almond Baghlava, full cardamom and pistachios sweet called Ghotab.

Do not miss the Tahchin (Persian saffron layered rice) of Shiraz

Tahdig, rice is the crispy and butter rice that is made in the bottom of the pot. Tahchin is a kind of food that will multiply all the beauties of Tahdig. For the preparation of Tahdig, rice is firstly mixed with yogurt, egg yolk and saffron, and lay layers of spicy chicken or meat next to it, and then becomes as much as possible golden. The city of Shiraz is the capital of Tahchin in Iran.

Do not forget the Koofteh Tabriz (Persian meatballs)

Iranians love big meatballs and it's best to travel to Tabriz, northwest of Iran, to find the most delicious meatballs. In Tabriz, meatballs containing meat, split peas, barberry, walnut, raisin, and boiled egg are prepared. The most famous of these is the Kofteh Tabriz, which also has the name of the city and is very big. It is immersed in sauce with tomatoes and saffron.

Experience the southern warmth of Bandar Abbas with hot foods

The southern foods are hot and spicy just like hot weather of the area. Bandar Abbas is on the spice trade route between India and Europe. If you like try Ghalyeh meygo (shrimp with herbs and rice), go to Bandar Abbas. This spicy stew is cooked with a handful of fresh coriander, red pepper, shrimp and tamarind. The best place to choose seafood is the restaurants that are located near the fish market. Because fresh fish is cooked in these restaurants.

If you pass through Masouleh, do not miss Mirza Qasemi (Persian roasted eggplant dish)

A trip to the 1000-year-old village of Masouleh next to the hills of Gilan takes you to the past years and ancient and local life of Iran. This area is one of the best choices to choose full herbs made foods. The most important food of Masouleh is Mirza Ghassemi, which is cooked with hot smoked eggplant on the hot coal, then fried lightly with fresh garlic and blended with tomato and local olive oil.


The most famous Persian foods

Stews are one of the most famous Persian foods that have many fans in Iran. The first rank among the most popular stews is Ghormeh sabzi (Persian herbs stew). After Ghormeh sabzi, Gheymeh(Persian split peas stew)can be considered as the most popular Persian stews. You can click on the link below to get familiar with how to cook Gheymeh.

Khoresht Gheymeh

Persian Rice Foods

 Foods that are cooked with rice are among the genuine Persian foods . Zereshk polo with chicken (Persian Barberry rice) is the most popular Persian food that has many fans. After Zereshk polo with chicken, you can mention Estamboli Polo (Persian tomato rice).

Estamboli Polo

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