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IRANCELL Tourism SIM-Card is a credit-based SIM card that is available for all tourists at the time of their entrance to Iran, providing services such as calling from inside and outside Iran, receiving Short Message System (SMS) and also using Mobile Internet.


IRANCELL Tourist or Tourism SIM Card of IRANCELL has been presented in three types with various initial credits.

The tourists, who intend to provide IRANCELL tourism SIM cards, can provide SIM cards in 1.5, 3 and 5 gigabyte packages with the initial credits of 2,000-, 14,000- and 22,000 tomans for a period of one month.

The tourists that use IRANCELL SIM cards with the purpose of calling at the time of their presence in Iran can dial the following Code: *555*4*2# for activating their Mobile Internet system

Moreover, they [tourists] can take advantage of IRANCELL’s tourism services by referring to the setting part of their mobile phones through changing ‘Connection Name’ into ‘IRANCELL-Internet’ and also changing their ‘APN’ to ‘mtnirancell’ using their own SIM card on IRANCELL network system.

As the largest data operator in Iran, IRANCELL has provided this possibility for providing and using the required packages according to the “Consumption Pattern” and for reducing their costs from the packages offered by referring to the pavilions of ‘I and IRANCELL’ at airports and the nearest sales agencies for selling products or stores of IRANCELL Services Center.

The tourists who have selected IRANCELL SIM cards for using during their presence in the country can receive the details of packages presented through the private homepage in the following website address:

The tourists that select IRANCELL as their operator at the time of their presence in Iran need to present passport at the time of receiving SIM card.

Those tourists, that are not interested in using mobile data on their mobile phones, can provide modem which is available at airports, selected stores and services centers using their specific SIM cards from mobile data.

For more information, tourists using IRANCELL SIM Card can call the number 700 and those who use other SIM cards except IRANCELL can call the following number: 09377000000 to get more information in this regard.


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