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The recent ruling by a US federal court ordering aerospace giant Boeing to disclose the details its contract with Iran will not create any problem for Iran's flag carrier, says Farzaneh Sharafbafi, Iran Air’s CEO.

"The federal government has made it clear that both the US government and Boeing will remain committed to the nuclear deal," local news agency TINN quoted her as saying on Saturday.

The US demands renegotiation of the deal, which Iran says is out of the question.

Much as Boeing is confident about the order, as is Iran Air, it has hesitated to include the purchase in its official backlog. The US company says it sees itself committed to delivering the first plane on schedule, while emphasizing all the steps are taken in coordination with the US government.

Both Boeing and Airbus have received OFAC permits, even though sanctions experts say the licenses could be withdrawn depending on the administration’s decision.

This is while, in mid-September, the US House of Representatives proceeded with a motion to block the sale of commercial aircraft to Iran, despite warnings from some Democrats that it would undermine JCPOA.

Two amendments to a 2018 US government spending package was offered, which would specifically prohibit the use of funds to authorize financial transactions for the sales and prevent OFAC from clearing licenses to allow aircraft sales.

If the US prevents the sales, experts believe, it will face strong opposition by Europe. Nonetheless, the European Union has so far failed to persuade its largest banks to finance the multibillion-dollar deals. Trump’s vague Iran policy has apparently scared them.


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