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Iran invites Turkish investors to cooperate in all fields

Deputy Energy Minister for electricity and energy affairs Hoshang Falahatian in an interview with Anatoly News Agency invited Turkish investors to Iran.

Iran invites Turkish investors to cooperate in all fields

He said that following implementation of JCPOA and cancellation of sanctions better situation has emerged in Iran for foreign investors and that Iran welcomes the Turkish investors' presence in Iran.

He said that Iran is ready to cooperate in all fields, especially in the fields of renewable energies, wind, solar and biogas energies with the Turkish investors.

Falahatian said Iran also welcomes joint venture projects between Iranian and Turkish companies at every level.

Asked about criticism about prolonged process to issue permission to execute projects related to renewable energies, Falahatian said that the term for issuance of license has decreased to maximum 6 months.

The director of Total TES Company said to Anatoly that guarantee for re-payment by government is the most important achievement for foreign investors.


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