The issue of Iran's gas export to India should be monitored: expert

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Mehran Amirmoini, the former CEO of Iran's National Gas Export Company, said that in order to implement the gas pipeline to India, considering that it is necessary to pass through the deep ocean routes, the number of ships that can operate these pipelines on the seabed is very small, and sanctions are the main obstacle to use their services.

"Indians are strongly against supplying their gas needs from Pakistan and may look for a direct pipeline from Iran, but due to the tensions between Delhi and Islamabad, they have no desire to implement the project and receive gas from Pakistan," Amirmoini said in an exclusive interview with ILNA.

"In recent years, India has experienced high economic growth and is one of the potentials for increasing oil and gas demand, and for this reason, it is an important country, so the market of this country must always be monitored somehow," he added.

The expert concluded that "We can follow the issue of direct export to India by sea, of course, the international waters of the Indian Ocean are deep, so it increases the costs, but we can export through LNG and even CNG."