Iran, Russia to open joint innovation center soon

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Head of the Iranian Research Organization for Science and Technology Hassan Zamanian has said that the joint innovation center of Iran and Russia will be inaugurated soon.

Speaking in a meeting with Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Konstantin Mogilevsky, Zamanian pointed to the problems that Iranian medical science students are facing in Russia and called for the establishment of an office in the Russian Science Ministry for Iranian students.

"We believe that Western-ranking institutions deliberately announce the achievements of our universities less than they actually are so that we do not get high positions in the ranking," he said.

Meanwhile, Mogilevsky pointed to the high capacity of Iranian universities in the field of research and technology.

The areas of cooperation will be determined in the joint committees and will soon be signed by the high-ranking officials.

He stressed the geographical proximity and countering the West's sanctions as the reasons for the closeness between Iran and Russia in recent years.

There has been scientific and academic cooperation between the two countries, he added.