Iran regains position as third-largest OPEC producer

Iran regains position as third-largest OPEC producer
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​Iran has produced as much as 3 million barrels per day (bpd) of crude oil in August to regain its position as the third-largest crude oil producer among OPEC member countries, according to the latest OPEC data.

The Tuesday OPEC report suggests that Iran’s August crude output is up 143 bpd compared to the figure reported in July.

Iran was ranked the third-largest OPEC producer following Saudi Arabia (with an output of 8.967 million bpd) and Iraq (with an output of 4.277 million bpd).  

Eight OPEC member countries have increased their output in August, with Iran posting the biggest month-on-month increase (143 bpd), the report said.  

It added that the total output of 13 OPEC member countries hit 27.449 million bpd in August up 113 bpd from 27.336 million bpd reported in July.