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EU-Iran trade exceeds €400 mln in January

European Union’s exports to Iran increased 7% year on year in January 2023 while trade exchanges between the two sides exceeded €400 million over the same month, according to figures by the EU’s statistical office the Eurostat.

EU-Iran trade exceeds €400 mln in January

Eurostat figures covered in a Tuesday report by the IRNA showed that total trade between Iran and 27 member states of the EU had reached €401 million in January, up 5% from the same month last year.

Trade between the EU and Iran increased by 8% last year compared to 2021, showed the figures.

The Eurostat figures showed that EU exports to Iran rose by 7% year on year in January to €323 million while imports from Iran dropped by 2% to €78 million over the same month.

The figures showed that Germany was the largest EU trade partner for Iran in January as the country imported €27 million worth of goods from Iran while exports from the country to Iran reached €99 million over the same period.

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