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Exclusive report of ILNA reporter's dispatch to Bologna, Italy

The frontiers of world agricultural mechanization were moved at Eima 2022

In the 45th eima 2022 world exhibition of agricultural machinery, with 327 thousand visitors and also the introduction of 60 thousand production models including new technologies in the field of world agricultural mechanization in Bologna, Italy, the boundaries of agricultural mechanization were moved.

The frontiers of world agricultural mechanization were moved at Eima 2022

According to the correspondent of the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA) sent to Bologna, Italy, the 45th EIMA 2022 World Agricultural Machinery Exhibition ended its work with an extraordinary number of 327,100 visitors, which improved the record of 2018 (317 thousand visitors) and established itself as established a premier agricultural event on the international stage.

During this five-day exhibition period - from November 9 to 13, 2022 - 57,300 of them from outside Italy went to Bologna. Foreign visitors from every continent (including the delegation of our country, Iran, with the coordination and guidance of the Association of Tractor, Combine, Machines, Tools and Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers - ATMAK - and the Commercial Department of the Italian Embassy in Tehran - ITA), made up 18% of all participants. and 80 official delegations of economic operators - organized thanks to the »ITA« agency - held business meetings in the specially set up Foreign Delegations Pavilion.

Eima's important mission is to meet the food needs of the world population

Therefore, according to the report, Alessandro Malavolti, the head of the Italian »FederUnacoma« Association, who presented a detailed report on the situation governing the global tractor market as well as in Italy, said: "The increasing interest in New generation agricultural technologies to meet the food needs of the world population, which will grow by almost one billion people in the next 10 years, confirm how, in every region of the world, work to innovate cultivation methods, seeking the scientific and sustainable use of water resources and soil fertility. in processing; A mission that trade fairs like EIMA are responsible for Fulfilling in the coming years."

Alessandro Malavolti, the head of the FederUnacoma « Association, stated that the agricultural mechanization sector is struggling with a difficult economic situation like any other industrial sector, adding: "In addition to the problems of supplying raw materials, the increase in the cost of raw materials and the cost of transportation and logistics It used to be heavy on the shoulders of industrial companies, this fall new energy costs and financial restrictions have been added to them."

Bringing 10% innovation to a million Italian farms with priority to mechanization

Referring to the latest census of the Italian National Institute of Statistics (ISTAT), which shows that more than 10% of the "one million and 100,000 farms" in Italy have presented significant innovations in recent years, he said: "A total of 250,000 innovations from The owners of 120,000 innovative farms have received most of them in the mechanization sector, including 28% in primary mechanical equipment, 11.6% in planting systems; 8.8% of tillage equipment and 8.3% of irrigation systems were concentrated.

The presence of 1500 manufacturers including 480 foreign booths in EIMA 2022

According to Ilna's dispatch correspondent to Bologna, Italy, the eima 2022 manufacturer exhibition will be held with the introduction of 1,500 manufacturers including 480 foreign booths representing 40 countries, and visitors from 160 countries of the world are expected to visit this exhibition. The exhibition was held in an area of ​​128,000 square meters in a city that was a great center of education and culture in the middle and early renaissance periods.

etc. Another popular feature of this international exhibition was the provision of a 3,000 square meter booth for B2B meetings for delegations of foreign delegations with foreign countries, including Iranian compatriots including managers of some brands of Iranian machinery industries under the management and coordination of expert "Arash Beyk Jazani ". Is. Italian Embassy Commerce - ITA, "Hamidreza Nami" Chairman of the Board of Directors and "Ali Abbaszadeh" Secretary of the Association of Tractor, Combine, Machines, Tools and Agricultural Equipment Manufacturers of Iran Sector - ATMAK - do business with foreign trade delegations. In particular, the commercial department of the Italian Embassy - ITA - and the agricultural machinery association of this country "FederUnacoma" also dedicated a booth in the 35th hall -Stand B/6-  of this prestigious exhibition to the ATMAK (Association of Tractor, Combine, Machines, Agricultural Tools and Equipment Manufacturers of IRAN).

A diverse range of digital services and new technologies to world agriculture

In this unique agricultural event in the world, where »Alireza Safakhoo« was also present as an official guest reporter from Iran (on behalf of Iran's labor news agency - ILNA), various and interesting topics were exhibited, which according to the report ILNA correspondent in Bologna, Italy, discussing the challenge of increasing production capacity and using operators, the importance of using continuous and sustainable training, exploiting new digital technologies, discussing large-scale supply chains and how to do retail business; Investing in human resources as added value; Examining new agreements to export the Italian agricultural model to other parts of the world; Continuation of technological innovations in the path of precise agriculture and savings of 50-60% per hectare; Introducing training courses to transfer good irrigation practices to farmers under the »Euvay« project; holding conferences on "water resources, a global emergency" by the activists of the University of Bologna; Addressing the increasing demand for agricultural robots for safety, increasing and improving production, supplementing human resources while reducing environmental impacts; Focusing on the use of robots to control pests and weeds, and... was a multitude of diverse and abundant services that the World Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery - eima 2022 - recorded, and it was exciting for the visitors and aroused their interest. The exhibition, which has a total of sixty thousand models (60 thousand) made by manufacturers to meet the needs of agriculture, was displayed in 14 specialized sections.

At the opening press conference of eima 2022, after Federanocoma President »Alessandro Malavolti«, FederUnacoma General Director »Simona Rapastella« and »Gianpiero Calzolari«, President of the Bologna Exhibition Complex, Italy, also explained part of the state of the agricultural mechanization industry in Italy and eima's history.

Iran Labor News Agency (ILNA) is trying to publish other reports about this leading agricultural exhibition in the coming days and in a conversation with some people of this industry to explain some important emphasis points in this regard and the challenges of Iran's mechanization and compare it with the current situation. ready to pay in the world.


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