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Head of Association of Iranian Travel Agencies says the price of foreign tours is facing downward trend and Turkey is the top destination for Iranian tourists.

Speaking to ILNA, Hormatollah Rafiei said in recent days and with the change of the government, the country is facing changes of managers and officials and some of the hurdles in the past have been removed. He noted that currently officials are busy with their own businesses and they have left the private sector alone and this has helped the ground for activities of the private sector to pick up.

He went on to say that tours for destinations of Turkey, Dubai, Armenia and Russia are underway and Turkey tops the list of demands for foreign tours by Iranians and if there is no unnecessary meddling, Armenia can top the list and currently the demand for visiting Russia is on the rise.

On the price of the foreign tours, Rafiei said although the foreign tour market has not picked up yet, one can say the prices are logical because the tour operators act cautiously in order not to lose their customers, and even in some cases the prices are facing the downward trend because the customers are not significant. He expressed hope the market would pick up soon.

On travel to Russia or vice versa, Rafiei said although revoking group visa for Iranian tourists to Russia has not come into effect yet and it is said it will come into effect on July 6, some of Iranians visit Russia with having fan IDs in order to watch to EURO2020 matches. He reiterated that fan ID is not a visa and it is just a license to watch the match and the fan ID holders should get visas first.

He said that if Iran is to host Russian tours and tourists, it should pave the ground, adding that currently 80 percent of Russian tourists go to Turkey and they need to get familiar with Iran through promotional programs in order to attract them.


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