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Chairman of the Iran-China Chamber of Commerce says the impact of domestic and political policies on the economy should be minimized and if the country’s first priority is its economy, all of behaviors should be in the direction of improving livelihood of the people and economy.

Speaking to ILNA and touching upon the impacts of probable removal of sanctions on the national economy, Majid-Reza Hariri said that Iran’s economy is under the impacts of pressures of sanctions and according to the statistics released by the international communities, Iran’s forex reserves have highly declined and the available forex for the Central Bank is very limited.

He added that requirement of trade is forex and when the forex is not accessed by the Central Bank or importers, then there will be problems.

"Sanctions strongly restrict the country in the field of oil exports and even in the field of non-oil exports."

He noted that the most impact of sanctions is on the foreign trade and when the foreign trade faces problem, the country will face problems inside and in the production sector, adding that as we all have seen problems in people’s livelihood in most fields during the past year.

Hariri reiterated that major part of economic problem is because of the sanctions pressure and other part is because of the policy-makers in the country who always keep the country in the standby mode of whether sanctions are removed or not.

He said this uncertainty in trade and economy exists and causes us to have always a halt mode. Hariri said that four years ago all eyes were directed to Vienna  to see what would happen there, and again it is happening and all attentions are on Vienna for the result of the talks.

"This impact should be minimized in the national economy and the country should have plans for both modes of sanctions and non-sanctions period," he continued.

He said if sanctions are removed and a good management is taken, the condition can highly change today. He noted but the national economy should be built in a way whose impacts of sanctions to be minimized.

Harir said currently national economy is ill and it is in the emergency condition and no infrastructural action can be done and all should work together for immediate saving of this economy but first the impact of politics on economy should be minimized otherwise any time sanctions may return and the country will face the same problem.


Central Bank sanctions against Iran forex reserves
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