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Parliament Speaker Ali Larijani on Thursday urged all political parties and politicians to promote convergence and unity in the face of the US embargos.

Speaking in a local ceremony, Larijani said preventing foreign investment in Iran by encouraging anxiety and raising psychological atmosphere are the aim of the sanctions.

The US sanctions are the previously announced sanctions that now have been approved by the US House of Representatives, he added.

The US sanctions against some Iranian officials and Islamic Revolution Guard Corps commanders are for propaganda and not practical, Larijani noted.

He said, 'The US sanctions against Iran and Russia will not benefit them and Islamic Republic is ready to reciprocate their measures.'

The Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action reached between Iran and the G+1 broke the western and eastern countries' consensus against Iran and Tehran is now playing a key role in fighting terrorists in the region including Iraq and Syria, Larijani noted.

He said, 'Iran-Russia cooperation against Daesh resulted in the terrorist group's defeat.'


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