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Supreme Leader calls for efforts to ‘neutralize’ foreign sanctions

Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has called on authorities in Iran to pursue efforts to “neutralize” foreign sanctions that have targeted the Iranian people’s livelihood.

Supreme Leader calls for efforts to ‘neutralize’ foreign sanctions

During a meeting with President Ebrahim Raeisi as well as members of his Cabinet in Tehran on Wednesday on the occasion of Administration Week (August 24-30), the Supreme Leader said the most important manifestation of offsetting the sanctions is the reduction of inflation in Iran.

“Most sanctions aimed at taking hostage the people’s livelihood,” he said. “Along with negotiations, the sanctions must be neutralized.”

Ayatollah Khamenei was making a reference to multilateral talks between Tehran and six world powers to revive the Iran nuclear deal, better known as the JCPOA, which would consequently lift the anti-Iran bans.

Highlighting the issue of people’s livelihood, he lamented that the positive measures of President Raisi’s administration are overshadowed by livelihood problems such as the high cost of housing and rent.

“Any economic decision you want to make, see how it would affect key issues such as wealth inequality, market stability, exchange rate, inflation reduction, production growth, etc.” he said, addressing the authorities.

He pointed out that he had supported all administrations throughout the years, but hastened to add that in addition to supporting the current administration, he also wished to praise its performance in the last two years.

Unfortunately, he continued, the administration is not eloquent enough in expressing what it has done. “The good developments have not been reflected in the minds of the people as much as they deserve.”

He further argued that many economic indicators show the progress that has been made by the Raisi administration.

“The nature of certain administrations is such that they sacrifice tomorrow for the sake of today. This administration has not done this. It has done great and infrastructural jobs, whose result may not be fully visible today, but it will appear ultimately.”