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​U.S., China benefited from Iran-Saudi deal: Expert

Iran’s former ambassador to Britain has said that both the U.S. and China have benefited from the recent deal between Iran and Saudi Arabia on the resumption of diplomatic relations.

​U.S., China benefited from Iran-Saudi deal: Expert

Asked about his view on Iran’s relations with its neighbors after the resumption of diplomatic relations between Iran and Saudi, Jalal Sadatian told ILNA that the first concession of this deal belongs to the U.S.

He referred to the recent deal between Tehran and Riyadh and added that China is getting the silver medal and Iran and Saudi Arabia jointly got the bronze medal.

He explained that the U.S. was seeking to remove the tension in the Middle East because of the war in Ukraine and most of the escalations in the region were between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Finally the American, Chinese, and also Iranians, and Saudis have benefited from this deal, he said.

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