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​While Iran’s response to the latest Vienna agreement draft was logical according to EU officials, reaching the end line, and final agreement depends on the White House decision, which is delayed.

Three days passed since Iran has presented its written response to the EU proposed text, and the United States, despite its claims that diplomacy is the best approach to dealing with Iran, and the revival of the JCPOA is a goal, is still busy studying Iran’s response.

The White House Spokesman Ned Price, said yesterday in a press conference that the US is consulting with the EU and its allies there about the path ahead

Repeating Washington’s comments about the peaceful nuclear program of Iran, he expressed certainty that both sides' return to their JCPOA commitments is still the best way to temporarily and permanently limit Iran’s nuclear capabilities both temporarily and permanently under the IAEA supervision.

The White House spokesman added that the president knows that Congress, too, is a colleague in a probable nuclear agreement, which is why the White House is in direct contact and consultations with them.

Bloomberg quoted an EU diplomat familiar with the Vienna negotiations and the US officials’ approach that the EU considers Iran’s response to the EU’s JCPOA proposal to revive that agreement as logically.

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