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A former Iranian member of parliament has said that the conflict between Iran and Israel is beyond any deal between Iran and the West.

Mansor Haghight Poor said in an exclusive interview with ILNA that in comprehensive actions, Israel is trying to weaken us.

Israel absolutely wants Iran to have tensions with its neighbors, he added.

He described the conflict between Iran and Israel as beyond any deal between Iran and the West and said that certainly we had and will have problems with Israel no matter what will happen to the negotiations between Iran and the West.

He also noted that Iran must be ready for a comprehensive soft, semi-hard, and hard conflict with Israel.

Commenting on what Iran should do to prevent Israel’s moves against Tehran, he said, “We should increase our scientific and political capabilities.”

Today, all units should know that Iran has now engaged in a Cyberwarfare with Israel, the expert emphasized.

Answering a question about what Israel benefits from these behaviors against Iran, he said that weakening the Islamic Republic of Iran is Israel's benefit from these behaviors.

He further underlined that Iran should increase the capabilities of its security forces, the IRGC, and the Quds forces to give crushing and well-timed responses to Israel.

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