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Iraq Urged to Block Moves Imperiling Security of Iran

The president of Iran called on Iraq to prevent any hostile action, either in the territories under the control of Baghdad government or in the Kurdistan Region, that may threaten the security of the Islamic Republic.

 Iraq Urged to Block Moves Imperiling Security of Iran

In a meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein, held in Tehran on Thursday, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi referred to the common religious, historical and cultural grounds between the two neighbors, saying, "Relations between the two countries are beyond normal neighborly relations and the Islamic Republic of Iran is determined to maximize the development of these brotherly relations.”

The president said that Tehran and Baghdad have common security and interests, adding, “The security and interests of Tehran and Baghdad are intertwined and the enemies can never interfere in this regard.”

“The Islamic Republic of Iran has always emphasized and supports the unity and territorial integrity of all ethnicities and religions in Iraq, which is the basis for maintaining stability,” Raisi added, according to the president’s official website.

Tehran seriously expects the neighboring countries, especially Iraq, not to allow anything that disrupts the security of the Islamic Republic of Iran, be it in areas controlled by the federal government or in the areas controlled by the Kurdistan Region, President Raisi added, noting, “The Islamic Republic Iran has proved its brotherhood toward its neighbors in practice and has been a friend in every situation, and therefore we expect the neighboring countries to be aware of the conspiracies of the enemies.”

He also referred to the message of a senior official in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region stating that if it were not for Lt. General Qassem Soleimani, the Kurdistan Region would not exist.

Unfortunately, the Kurdistan Region has neglected some things, but the Islamic Republic of Iran is closely watching the Zionist regime’s actions, the president underlined.

“Cooperation with this child-killing regime cannot be hidden, and we will not allow them to endanger the security of the region through any country, including Iraq,” he stated.

Pointing out that ISIL was created by the United States and Israel and is acting on their behalf in Afghanistan today, President Raisi said Iran has proved its friendship with the neighboring countries in practice and has hosted Afghan refugees and migrants for decades.

He also quoted some heads of state as saying that Iran came to the aid of those countries when others had left them, stressing that the security of Iraq must be provided by the Iraqis themselves and that the presence of outsiders in Iraq does not provide security.

The president further called for the faster implementation of the Shalamcheh-Basra railway, as well as facilitating the travel of Iranian pilgrims and honoring them, describing it as being in line with the economic and social interests of the two nations.

For his part, Foreign Minister Fuad Hussein stressed Iraq's commitment to strengthening the level of cooperation and coordination with Iran in various bilateral, regional and international stages, saying, “Iraq considers itself not only a neighbor but also an ally and friend of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

"Iraq will never be a base for acting against the security of Iran and we are ready for extensive cooperation, including in the field of security, to prevent any threat to the interests of the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he concluded.

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