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Tokyo preparing trade cooperation document with Tehran

The chairman of the Iran-Japan Joint Committee of Commerce Mr. Bahram Shakouri says that the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) has recently prepared a package of cooperation with Iran, and this indicates that the Japanese see a positive future for cooperation with Iran.

Tokyo preparing trade cooperation document with Tehran

Speaking to ILNA news agency, Shakouri said, “Iran-Japan trade is very low, and it can be said that the volume of our trade exchanges with the country is currently almost zero.” He noted some part of Iran’s exports to Japan was oil which has been halted and the non-oil exports to Japan have not been over $38m and this figure means that Iran almost has no trade exchange with Tokyo.

The head of the Iran-Japan Joint Trade Committee added: “Recently, JETRO has prepared a package of cooperation with Iran and is interested in increasing relations, and this shows that the Japanese see the future positive because the Japanese want to hold B2B meetings to connect the industrial and mining units, and with the ongoing negotiations, these connections will be established.”

“If we can revive the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and lift the sanctions, Japan can replace many other countries, even European ones, in our foreign trade because Japan is in high level in terms of innovation and technology and Japan can meet Iran’s needs related to the mining and mining industry as well as other fields,” he said.

He went on to say that Japan is also a good destination for export of most of Iran’s products like dried fruits, fruit concentrate, handicraft, saffron, carpet, sea products like shrimp and caviar and many other agro products.

Shakouri added that in the field of tourism, Japan can be a good destination for Iranian tourists and Japanese are also interested in historic monuments and sites and therefore, in case of lifting sanctions, the trade exchange between the two states will increase.

He also pointed to the positive signs of this document for Iran and said that preparation of a package of cooperation with Iran in Japan is a very good sign and it indicates the Japanese believe that anti-Iran sanctions would be lifted.

Shakouri went on to say that since Japanese companies have American partners and they have considerable trade with the U.S., they were cautious during sanctions and some part of Iran’s money has been frozen in Japan and in such a condition when JETRO prepares a package for cooperation it indicates that Japanese expect bright future for cooperation with Iran and this is a good news for Iranians that the talks will bear fruit.

"When Iran wanted to use its frozen money in Japanese banks for imports of COVID vaccines, Iran’s Central Bank did not issue any required license, noting that in fact major part of the problem returns to sanctions and if the sanctions are removed, Iran should also return to the FATF to resolve the problem regarding money transfer."

He reiterated that if Iran’s Central Bank through cooperation with foreign ministry start talks with Japan for reaching an agreement, then Iran can purchase machineries and required equipment via the frozen assets in Japan.

Shakouri also confirmed that there is no sign of frozen asset in the document prepared by the JETRO because JETRO seeks trade of private sector and frozen money is not in the range of activities of this organization and the government should tackle it.


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