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CBI governor names Oman as Iran’s strategic partner

Governor of Central Bank of Iran (CBI) Abdolnasser Hemmati in a meeting with Omani minister of industry termed Muscat as Tehran's strategic partner.

CBI governor names Oman as Iran’s strategic partner

Hemmati, who is now in Oman for banking and trade talks, held a meeting with Qais bin Mohammed Al Yousef, Omani Minister of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion on Tuesday.

In the meeting, the CBI governor stressed the need to make use of private sectors' capacities to promote the level of trade cooperation between the two countries.

He further expressed Iran's determination to further deepen trade ties with Oman.

So, as he stressed, the Muscat visit is an opportunity to expand bilateral cooperation in regard to current developments in the international arena.

Hemmati further reiterated that despite the US maximum pressures, Oman’s government maintained its commercial and banking relations with Iran.

And now, it is necessary to further boost bilateral ties more than before as the two have a long-lasting record in [good] relations, and the US maximum pressure policy has been defeated, he added.

For his part, the Omani minister welcomed proposals presented by Hemmati and emphasized that his country will make effort to develop trade ties with Iran.

Also, the two sides discussed how to take action to enhance bilateral banking and trade cooperation.


Oman CBI governor Iran’s strategic partner
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