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President: Iran advocates end of unilateralism

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday in the cabinet meeting that Iran advocates the end of unilateralism and respect for sovereignty rights of states.

President: Iran advocates end of unilateralism

President Rouhani said it is the same policy that Iran had yesterday, has today, and will have tomorrow as well; it depends on the US to get close to such policies or to go further away.

Referring to the US elections, Rouhani said that it is felt that the atmosphere is more prepared for better interactions with Iran’s friendly countries, adding that the problem with the current US administration, which is approaching its end, was that it was not well-acquainted with international policies and works as executives of the ideas of US domestic extremists and the Zionist regime.

Just look at this man’s speeches about Iran in international communities; they are the same sentences and phrases used by the Zionist regime, which shows who writes them for him, Rouhani said.

The root of his problems was that they were not able to decide according to the interests of the US people and the international community, he said.

Rouhani said that US President Donald Trump was defeated in the elections due to two factors. One, their inability to curb COVID-19, and two, they disrupted state of affairs in the global community. And it was not just with Iran, their disruption of ties with their traditional allies in Europe, as well as China and many others.

He added, the third issue of the US was that they were disgraced in the UN and UNSC; it was unprecedented for the US to take a plan to the UN and just they themselves and a small island give a yes vote for it, or they propose something in the UNSC and no countries trust them.

Rouhani added that the policy of Iran is quite clear; it is based on peace and stability in the region and respect for the sovereignty of other nations. Iran does not interfere with internal affairs of other countries and that Iran fights terrorism.

Putting an end to unilateralism in the international community forms the centerpiece of Iranian diplomatic agenda and will not change, he said.

President Rouhani said that the current US administration distanced itself from Iran in all its policies. Iran was involved in campaigns against terrorism; they wanted to support it. Iran wanted the regional countries to be free; they wanted to interfere with their affairs. Iran wanted peace and stability for the region; they were focusing on selling weapons.

Iran, like many other countries, opposes terrorism and unilateralism. If the US gets close to Iran’s policies, things will change, he said.

He added as Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution has said Iran’s policy is interaction with the entire; and those who started animosity should put an end to it as well.

Even after the Islamic Revolution it was the US that abetted to invasion of Iran Saddam Hussein and put an end to relations; they also helped Saddam, Rouhani said.

Trump withdrew from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action and thought the Islamic System of Iran would fall in a few months, which was a childish imagination, he said, adding that it is now up to the US to return to the deal or not.

The US wanted to make Iran surrender but they failed. They even crossed the red lines and carried terrorist attack to assassinate General Qasem Soleimani.