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Washington is isolated diplomatically over sanctions; Expert

"The latest US sanctions, on 18 Iranian banks, also try to reinforce the deterrent for any foreign company to have financial dealings with Iran,” a Political science professor at the Department of Political Science and International Studies told ILNA.

Washington is isolated diplomatically over sanctions; Expert

William Lucas who is Professor of International Politics said in an exclusive interview that Washington is isolated diplomatically over sanctions. In August and September, 13 of 15 UN Security Council members rejected both the US attempt to extend the arms embargo on Iran and the invocation of "snapback sanctions" over the 2015 nuclear deal.

He added that however, American financial power means that Iran is in an economic bind unless Tehran can activate alternative financial arrangements. Until this is done, Iran will find it difficult to obtain assets that are held in countries such as South Korea.

“Iran will have to shift its political position. For example, it will need to enter negotiations over its missile development program and discussions over its position in the Middle East.”

The British professor said “Factions in Iran are unlikely to accept. But it is unlikely that they can avoid an economic crisis by falling back on China --- which is cautious and has sharply reduced trade with Iran --- or on Russia, which has its own economic problems."


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