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Iran manages corona crisis at height of sanctions: official

Iranian Health Minister Saeid Namaki stated that at the height of sanctions and economic hardship, the Islamic Republic of Iran was able to relatively manage the spread of coronavirus compared to other countries.

Iran manages corona crisis at height of sanctions: official

Saeed Namaki, on Sunday night, referred to the achievements of the Islamic Republic in managing COVID-19 outbreak, despite the illegal sanctions, said, "This achievement is a medal of honor for people of Iran who accompanied each other with empathy and were able to somehow control the spread of this terrible virus.”

Namaki expressed hope that the Iranian people, with empathy, and national consensus, would be able to achieve more favorable results in the management of COVID-19 disease.

Health Minister also thanked the medical staff and their families for their patience and support in combating Coronavirus.

According to the Head of Public Relations and Information Center of the Health Ministry, Kianoush Jahanpour 80 percent of infected patients to COVID-19 in Iran have been recovered from the disease.

He also said that the rate of infection and fatalities is declining.


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