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Municipal authorities in Tehran have projected images over Tehran's famous 'Azadi Tower', declaring the Iranian nation's sympathy and support for the people of China in their on-going fight against the new coronavirus.

The Head of the Communications and International Affairs Department of the Municipality of Tehran, Gholamhussein Mohammadi in a tweet wrote: "We hope that the people of China remain united, and with the support of other nations, can overcome the coronavirus crisis, in peace and good health."

After the event, the Chinese ambassador to Tehran, in a tweet in Persian (Farsi), thanked the people of Tehran and the Municipality of Tehran and published a video of the images projected on Tehran's Azadi tower on the internet.

The Municipality of Tehran organized the event on Tuesday night (18 February).

Also, the Iranian foreign minister, Mohammad Javad Zarif, in a television interview uttered a few sentences in Chinese and told the people of Wuhan in China to show their strength and resistance in the fight against the coronavirus.

Deaths from the new deadly coronavirus in China have risen to over 1,900, while infections have passed 72,000.


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