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US action was clearly violation of Iraq sovereignty; U.S Professor

A Professor at San Francisco State believes that the assassination of Iranian Major General Qassem Soleimani was a violation of international law and arguably US law.

US action was clearly violation of Iraq sovereignty; U.S Professor

Speaking to ILNA news agency, Robert C Smith who is a nationally-recognized expert on African American politics, said “The labeling of an opposing commander in a conflict a “terrorist” and then assassinating him is the equivalent of Iran assassinating an American general or the defense secretary.

“The US action was a clear violation of Iraq sovereignty,” he confirmed.

The political science professor at San Francisco University added that Trump is an erratic, generally ill-informed commander-in-chief, and generally does not have a well-staffed decision-making process, so he frequently engages in contradictory decisions and statements.

“There clearly are factions in the US foreign policy establishment that have long wished to war with Iran in order to destroy its military capabilities and they may be influencing the President. On the other hand, Trump may be engaging in some rhetoric and rally public support.

“The situation is unstable, and requires deliberate and cautiously careful decision making by both the Iranian and American governments in order to avoid war.”

Asked about the US-Iran tensions could still boil over in the future, he said “I think the present situation, through rational action or miscalculation on both sides, risks a war that could be catastrophic for Iran, the region and the global economy.”

Robert Smith pointed to U.S president recent speech and added that again, Trump is erratic and often does things from “the gut” rather than thoughtfully, so it is difficult his know how to assess his tweets in terms of administration policy.

“I thought the speech was contradictory, combining elements of restraint and conciliation with belligerence,” the U.S expert said.


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