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A senior commander of Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the Zionist regime of Israel will be eliminated and the entire occupied Palestinian territories will be retaken if it embarks on starting a new war.

The IRGC’s second-in-command, Brigadier General Hossein Salami, made the remarks while speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the first national conference on the “defensive and security architecture of the Islamic Establishment” in Tehran on Monday.

“We announce that if Israel takes any step to start a new war, without a doubt, this war would be the same war, which would end in its elimination and the occupied territories will be retaken,” Salami said.

The remarks came after Israel's Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned last week that Iran would face consequences for any threat against Tel Aviv.

During a public speech on January 21, Netanyahu said that Israel was “acting against Iran and the Syrian forces” that were helping what he called “the Iranian aggression.”

"Whoever threatens to destroy us will bear the full responsibility," he said.

After Israel's aerial attacks in Syria’s south in the early hours of last Monday, Damascus once again wrote protest letters to the United Nations, urging the world body to take a decisive step and put an end to the Tel Aviv regime’s acts of aggression against its territory, saying the regime’s hostile strikes were aimed at “prolonging” the crisis in the Arab country.

Earlier on Monday, Salami, addressing the conference on the “defensive and security architecture of the Islamic Establishment,” said Iran is fighting against big world powers that have focused their full attention on defeating the Islamic Republic.

He emphasized that Iran must gradually erode the enemy's power, saying, "This is the first thing that can prepare the ground for [achieving] big victories under unequal conditions."

The commander emphasized that Iran had no "direct physical presence" in the region, "but there are major forces, which are present across the region, pursuing goals and adopting approaches similar to those of the Islamic Republic.

Salami added that the US has suffered unprecedented defeats despite huge political and military spending, emphasizing that it would face similar setbacks in the future.


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