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During a press conference on Monday, ahead of the summit between presidents of United States and Russia, Qassemi answered to a question about Helsinki Summit and whether Iran had any negotiation with Moscow ahead of the meeting.

He said, “The meeting between Presidents of US and Russia is predetermined and we had no connections with Russia on this issue”.

Qassemi reacted to trump’s comments about Iran on the sidelines of NATO summit, saying, “Trump has hostile behavior toward Iran and such an approach is totally clear in various aspects. Maybe he was joking but it’s possible that one day he calls Tehran, asking for negotiation. This is more probable and some signs of the expectation may have been existed in the past”.

Rejecting the recent claims spread out by Kuwaiti media about Russia hosting a direct negotiation between Iran and Israel, the spokesman said, “Such news can’t be true at all and I deny it. Such claims seem like a joke for those who are familiar with Iran’s policy and stands”.

Commenting on Iranian Foreign Minister’s visit to Oman, Qassemi told reporters that Iran-Oman relations has long been explicit and the interactions and visits between the two states are conducted on a regular basis and in diverse levels.

An Iranian delegation had traveled to Oman, while Omani officials had also visited Tehran ahead of Iranian Minister of Foreign Afaairs, Mohammad Javad Zarif’s visit to Muscat, Qassemi added.

Mentioning the strong and long-standing ties between Iran and Oman, the spokesman said, “During the talks, officials from both sides discuss the development of bilateral and regional issues”.

He insisted that Zarif’s trip to Oman was reported on the right time and there is no secret about his visit.

On the other part of this press conference, Qassemi said, the trip of the senior advisor to Iran’s foreign minister in political affairs, Hossein Jaberi Ansari to Syria and Lebanon was toward continuation of previous talks with the two countries.

On the issue of the summit between five Caspian Sea littoral states, Iran foreign ministry spokesman said, the convention of Caspian Sea is mostly agreed and necessary preparations for the deal are provided. The expert delegations of the five countries have conducted some negotiations on the issue and they are going to hold talks again, ahead of leaders’ summit.

Discussing the issues between Iran and Saudi Arabia, Qassemi insisted, “Hajj is an independent topic in Iran-Saudi relations and Iranian pilgrims had no difficulty last year during their Pilgrimage ceremony. We hope that our pilgrims don’t face any problem this year”.


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