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The US is no position to interfere with other independent countries domestic affairs and distort truths, said the spokesman of the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Tuesday.

Bahram Qasemi was talking in response to the remarks by a US Government spokesperson who condemned the the execution of a man inIran who had killed three policemen.

'The accused man had a lawyer, and had confessed to the crime; his execution was by no means related to his beliefs,' said Qasemi.

He added that the US itself is a big name in violating commitments, like those of the JCPOA, and human rights, such as putting refugees in cages and separating children from their parents, which made the internationals organizations, and closest people to the White House react; therefore, it is not entitled to protest against other countries domestic affairs and to draw a black picture of their conditions.

Mohammad Salas who had received death sentence on March 19, was hanged in Tehran on Monday (June 18) .

Three policemen were killed and several wounded after Salas drove a bus into a group of police officers in Tehran’s Pasdaran Street on February 19.


Mohammad Salas
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