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President Hassan Rouhani of Iran in a telephone conversation with his French counterpart described Iran-France mutual, regional and international cooperation as in line with regional peace, stability and security.

Speaking to President Emanuel Macron, the Iranian president urged continued consultations and boosting Tehran-Paris relations.

Congratulating French government and nation on the new year, President Rouhani hoped that Iran-France friendly relations will further deepen in the new year.

Noting that the Islamic Republic’s principled policy is based on promoting peace and tranquility along with sustainable stability in the region, the Iranian president said, “Our presence in Iraq and Syria is based on the official invitation of the countries and for the fight against terrorism.

“Today, it is clear for all that Iran’s efforts have led to annihilation of Daesh Takfiri terrorism in the region.”

“We believe that the fate of each nation is decided only by its people’s resolve and will,” he said, noting that all should work to hold a free election in Iraq.

Stressing the need for ending the siege on the Syrian and Yemeni nations and dispatching humanitarian aid to the people and wounded in those areas, Rouhani called for continuing efforts and talks to establish constructive discourse and national reconciliation in Syria.

The Iranian chief executive evaluated establishment of calm in Lebanon as positive, contending that provocative statements against the country by the Zionist regime and violating the former’s sovereignty and air space are never acceptable.

Describing US President Donald Trump’s recent stance against the Holy Quds (Beit-ul-Muqqads) under current regional conditions as destructive, Rouhani underlined the need for Europe to clearly declare its stance in line with developing regional stability and calm and not aligning with it in the field.

Iran is in full compliance with the 2015 nuclear deal officially known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Organization (IAEA), he said, adding that the JCPOA is an international pact and beneficial for all and all should help keep the deal in place.

“We will abide by the JCPOA until the time we feel we enjoy its benefits,” he said.

Contending that Iran’s missile and defense programs are never against international resolutions, President Rouhani reiterated, “Our weapons are for defending our country and we will never hesitate in attaining whatever we should have for defending our country.”

“Today a precise democracy reign supreme in Iran and clear example of it was displayed during the elections which saw a massive turnout,” he said, noting that promoting violence has nothing to do with legitimate freedoms or making demands.

Criticizing France for providing a terrorist group with a base and inciting and encouraging the public to boost hostility in Iran, Rouhani said that French government is expected to fulfill its legal duty against the terrorist group.

Macron, for his part, said during telephone conversation that France is fully committed to the implementation of JCPOA and considers it in the interest of the international peace and stability.

He also underlined the need for continued dialogues and consultations to help establish peace and stability in the region and ending unrests in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

“We never accept a logic which calls Iran as axis of evil in the region and consider it a factor escalating regional tension,” he said, calling for further efforts in line with enhancing peace and calm in the region.

France never denies the role played by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) in annihilating Daesh and appreciates it, Macron said.

He further stressed the need for continued dialogues and consultations to draw up a roadmap for maintaining regional stability and help solve humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

He said that Paris has never supported terrorist groups and would never allow them to take actions against other countries from France.


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