Iran achieved more than 50% of operation goals against Israel: MP

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A member of National Security and Foreign Policy Committee of parliament has said that more than 50% of the targets of Iran’s recent attack against Israel were achieved and the missile hit the targets without error.

Mehdi Saadati Bisheh Sari told ILNA in an exclusive interview that “this operation was very special both in the field of electronic warfare, in the field of missiles, and in the field of UAVs, as well as in the scope of operations and coordination.”

The volume of fire was very large and heavy, he said, adding that despite the Israelis' empty claim of having an iron dome and saying that they would not allow any bird or missile to enter Israel's territory, we saw that this happened and two Zionist airbases were hit.

More than than 50% of targets were achieved and the missile hit without error, he noted.