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Talks can resolve misunderstandings, lead to cooperation: Bagheri Kani

Iran's Deputy Foreign Minister for Political Affairs Ali Bagheri Kani has said that continuous talks and consultation have always been Iran's first choice about the Netherlands because talks can resolve misunderstandings and lead to cooperation between the two countries.

Talks can resolve misunderstandings, lead to cooperation: Bagheri Kani

During a telephone conversation , Bagheri Kani and his Dutch counterpart Marcel de Vink discussed the latest status of relations between Iran and the Netherlands.

Referring to the history of the ties between the two countries, Bagheri Kani said that Iran and the Netherlands are in a new era of cooperation, which is expected to expand bilateral relations in light of mutual will.

Although there may be differences between the two countries' standpoints, continuous talks, and consultation have always been the first choice of the Islamic Republic of Iran, he said, adding that Iran considers talks can firstly resolve misunderstandings and then lead to cooperation with the Netherlands.

De Vink, for his part, stressed the importance of talks between the two countries, noting that the nature of diplomacy is nothing but dialogue, and although diplomacy does not solve all problems, it can resolve misunderstandings

The latest status of consular ties between the two countries was also discussed.