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Iran denounces sacrilege of holy Quran in Denmark

​Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Nasser Kanaani has condemned the desecration of the holy Quran by a number of extremists in Denmark.

Iran denounces sacrilege of holy Quran in Denmark

Kanaani warned against the reiteration and increase of disrespect for the holy Quran and religious sanctities of the Muslims in certain European countries and criticized the silence of those who claim that they are supporting human rights.

The spokesman went on to say that such approaches pave the way for spreading hatred, and extremism and promoting violence, which will endanger peace and peaceful coexistence of human beings as well as global security.

He argued that ignoring the recent desecration under the guise of human rights is totally in contradiction with universal and noble human rights.

The Islamic Republic of Iran and Muslim nations expect the Danish authorities to take responsibility and cancel permissions of such sacrileges and spreading hatred to stop the reiteration of such insulting showcases under the pretext of freedom of speech, Kanaani noted.

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