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Tehran-Riyadh agreement “fine example” of dialog as solution: Beijing

The spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry has described the recently-announced agreement between Iran and Saudi Arabia as a “fine example” of solving disagreements through dialog.

Tehran-Riyadh agreement “fine example” of dialog as solution: Beijing

“The talks in Beijing have turned a new page in Saudi Arabia-Iran relations, paved the way for realizing peace and stability in the Middle East, and set a fine example for resolving problems and disagreements between countries through dialogue and consultation,” CCTV reported Wang Wenbin saying at his regular press conference on Tuesday (March 14).

No matter how complex the issues are or how thorny the challenges may be, equal-footed dialogue on the basis of mutual respect will lead to a mutually acceptable solution, the Chinese spokesperson told reporters.

"Its future must be determined by the people of Middle East countries. Countries in the region have China’s support to carry forward the spirit of independence, strengthen solidarity and coordination, and join hands to make the Middle East more peaceful, stable and prosperous."

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