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Qatar seeks to solve Iran-West big problems: Expert

An expert on international relations has said that Qatar’s mediation between Iran and the West is about the Ukraine war that has trued into big knots between Iran and the West and has overshadowed the nuclear talks.

Qatar seeks to solve Iran-West big problems: Expert

Commenting on the recent visit of the foreign minister of Qatar to Tehran and Iran’s foreign minister’s comments about receiving messages from the other sides of the JCPOA, Sasan Karimi told ILNA that evaluating this issue given the lack of information is difficult.

What is new is the mediation of Qatar between Iran and Ukraine, he said, adding that this point has shown that the Ukraine case and the accusations regarding Iran’s drone supplies to Russia in the war against Ukraine have turned into a main challenge in the relations between Iran and the West.

He underlined that Qatar has started mediation in this regard to solve the big knots.

Asked about the possibility of resuming the nuclear negotiations in the near future, he answered that it is unlikely, and we can’t hope for reaching any result even if the negotiations resume.

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