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Iran won’t tolerate terrorists behind its borders: Top comdr

Iran would never tolerate the presence of 3,000 terrorists with a bomb-making center behind Iranian borders, the chief of staff for the armed forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran said.

Iran won’t tolerate terrorists behind its borders: Top comdr

Major General Mohammad Bagheri said on Saturday night that Iraqi Kurdistan had been a safe haven for some terrorist groups with the help of the United States, but their headquarters had turned into a center against Iran’s national security.

He said that there were several cases where Israel recruited from among them, trained them, and send them to carry out terrorist operations inside Iran.

Iran had warned Iraqi Kurdistan several times and the Iraqi Kurdistan promised several times to prevent the terrorist groups but failed to keep its promises, General Bagheri said, noting that Iran, then, opted to counter the terrorist groups based on the United Nations charters and the right to self-defense.

He noted that the IRGC recently targeted those headquarters in Iraqi Kurdistan, observing humanitarian principles to prevent civilian casualties.

The commander also warned the US that if they make a move against Iranian drones, Tehran would respond.

He said that the neighboring countries hosting American bases say that the bases will not take any measures against Iran, but when Tehran reveals anti-Iranian moves made by the American bases, the very neighbors say that the Americans do not let them inside the bases.

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