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Iran wouldn’t allow foreign interference: Spox

Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman said that Iran would not let any country meddle in its internal affairs, saying that the United States and Europeans are linking the nuclear negotiations to the recent unrest in Iran.

Iran wouldn’t allow foreign interference: Spox

Speaking in his weekly press conference on Monday, Nasser Kanaani said that the US and Europeans linked the negotiation process to the recent incidents in Iran, noting that the internal issues are related to the Iranian government and nation and Tehran would not let any country interfere with Iran’s internal affairs.

However, Kanaani said that Iran was still ready to continue the negotiations to remove sanctions against Iran in a previous manner.

The spokesman announced Iran’s readiness for bilateral interaction with all parties involved in the negotiations to reach an outcome, noting that Tehran will stand against and respond to new sanctions and pressures imposed by the US and Western governments to blackmail Iran and force it to give more concessions.

Those governments who advise Iran against violence against protests let the protesters in their own countries attack Iran’s embassies which have diplomatic immunity, Kanaani said.

He said that those countries let an attacker enter Iran’s embassy and attack the Iranian female ambassador and other embassy staff.

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